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After I started thinking more carefully about what I could do to improve my home, I realized that my entire kitchen needed to be renovated. I started small, by switching out my microwave and my small appliances, and then I worked towards completely overhauling the rest of the space. It took a lot of work, but before I knew it, my kitchen looked brand new. Check out this blog for more information about improving your kitchen and taking advantage of helpful appliance services programs. By taking the time to improve your home, you can enjoy a more beautiful environment that is easier to maintain.


Are The Freezing Temperatures Moving Into Your Area? Tips To Keep Your Home Warm

If the area where you live gets extremely cold, you do not want to have a cold home. Fortunately, there are things you can do to ensure you and your family stay warm no matter how cold it is outside. Below are two of these things to help you get started.

Check the HVAC Unit

If you have an HVAC unit installed, it may have to work in overdrive to keep your home warm. For this reason, you should make sure the unit has no problems.

There are signs you can watch out for to know your HVAC unit is headed to trouble. For example, if there is not a lot of air coming out of the vents, you may have blocked air ducts. If you feel cold air coming out of the vents when the heat is on, you could have a problem with the heat pump.

If you are hearing noises that you do not normally hear coming out of the unit, this is a sign of trouble. One noise you may be hearing is a screeching sound. If so, this is a sign that the fan motor bearings are going bad. If you hear a squealing sound, the fan belt may have misaligned or is worn out.

First, contact an HVAC contractor to service the unit even if you do not see any signs of problems. The contractor will go over everything, such as the compressor, motor, fan, and more, to ensure they are working properly. They will look at the wiring to see if it is in good condition and check the refrigerant levels.

Stop Heat Loss

Any heated air that gets out of your home will not only make your home feel cold but will increase your energy bills. First, check around every window for any weatherstripping that may be in bad condition. If so, remove the old weather stripping and replace it with new. If you have very old windows, this would be a good time to replace them with more energy efficient windows that will not let any air escape or get into your home.

Go up into your attic to inspect the insulation. If it has deteriorated or there is not enough, you need to add more. There are much easier ways to do this today, such as using blown in insulation. You may be surprised at how much heated air gets out through your attic if it is not properly insulated.

If you are concerned about heat loss you can hire an energy auditor to come to your home to inspect it from top to bottom. For more information, contact companies like Economy Air Systems Inc.