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3 Appliances That May Need Attention Before Winter

Winterizing the home is something that many homeowners in colder climates do every year. Snow, ice, and freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on parts of the home if care isn't taken before the season starts. Many homeowners focus on sealing openings and cracks and insulating their pipes before the winter season. However, there are other areas of the home that may need to be winterized. Appliances can also run into problems when temperatures drop. Here are three appliances that may need attention before the winter season.

The Furnace

It may come as no surprise to some that the furnace needs attention before winter starts, but plenty of homeowners forget to take a look at this important appliance before the winter season. The first step is to make sure the furnace is working properly. If there are any problems, home furnace repair may be necessary. The average cost of home furnace repair is between $135 and $422. It's best to get this done before the cold air of winter moves in. Dirt and debris are the biggest culprits when it comes to furnaces breaking. The time right before winter is ideal for giving the system a good cleaning and replacing the filters. Replacing a furnace filter costs an average of $52 and is an inexpensive way to keep a furnace in good shape throughout the winter season.

Washing Machine

One thing that many homeowners do not realize is that washing machines can be negatively impacted by falling temperatures as well since any water left in the pipes or hoses can freeze and do damage. This is especially a problem in homes where washing machines are kept in unheated rooms or rooms that are not heated as thoroughly as the rest of the home. In order to get ready for winter, homeowners can move the machine into a room where it won't freeze or add insulation and heating to the room the machine is currently in. Homeowners can also add anti-freeze to a washing machine in order to winterize it when it's not in use. 

Outdoor Refrigerators

Outdoor refrigerators are becoming more popular than every. However, many homeowners may not realize that these refrigerators may not be functioning to their best ability during the winter months. Most are not designed to function with air temperatures below 40 degrees. In many areas, it's a good idea to turn off and unplug an outdoor refrigerator until air temperatures heat up again. Failure to do this may mean that the refrigerator needs repair once winter is over, something which costs on average between $200 and $400.

The winter season can have big impacts on parts of the home. Even appliances can be affected. Homeowners should consider have their home furnace inspected and repaired. They should also make sure that the temperatures are not too cold for their washing machines and refrigerators. If temperatures dip too much, it may be time to unplug and winterize these appliances.