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Improving My Home

After I started thinking more carefully about what I could do to improve my home, I realized that my entire kitchen needed to be renovated. I started small, by switching out my microwave and my small appliances, and then I worked towards completely overhauling the rest of the space. It took a lot of work, but before I knew it, my kitchen looked brand new. Check out this blog for more information about improving your kitchen and taking advantage of helpful appliance services programs. By taking the time to improve your home, you can enjoy a more beautiful environment that is easier to maintain.


3 Tips to Avoid Damaging Your Glass, Electric Stove Top

If you have a flat, glass-top electric stove, you might love its modern look and the way that it works. However, you might be worried about damaging the delicate glass top. These tops can be more durable than you might think, and with proper care, your glass-top stove should last for years. These are a few helpful tips for avoiding damaging your stove top so that you can enjoy your range for as long as possible. Read More