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Four Areas On The A/C That Should Be Serviced Yearly

Air conditioners are definitely a luxury and the perfect way to beat the heat on even the hottest days. If you own an A/C unit, you are probably running it nonstop during the summer months. All of this wear and tear can start to have a negative effect on the appliance. You should always have the air conditioning unit thoroughly serviced before the beginning of summer and the end of summer. This ensures that your unit stays functioning properly for many seasons to come. This guide goes over some of the areas that should receive air conditioning services at least once a year.


The filter is one of the most important things to check. They catch a lot of dirt and dust when the unit is running. If the filter is too dirty, the appliance runs harder than it should and can cause issues with the A/C. You can clean the filter yourself with a damp rag. Just run it over each side of the filter until it is clean. Also, check the filter for signs of rips. You will need to replace it immediately if the filter is damaged. You can have a professional change the filter if you do not wish to do it or cannot access it.


The coolant level in the air conditioner needs to be checked annually. The coolant runs through the evaporator and cooling coils of the unit. When the levels are too low, the appliance cannot cool itself properly. The coolant level should be good unless there is a leak within the system.


Speaking of leaks, that is one more thing a technician will check during service calls. They will inspect the unit and the area around it for telltale signs of leaks in the air conditioner. Should they find any, they will repair the issue or replace the unit if necessary.


The condenser and the evaporator coils should be cleaned during service checks. Over time, the parts build up dust and even mold. The technician will make sure both parts are cleaned and in perfect running order during his check.


You can discuss any concerns or questions that you have while the service technician is at your home. You can even talk about upgrading to a bigger or newer model if you think it is necessary. The technician will walk you through available models and the rates associated with those units.